Prehistoric Magazine launched back in early 2016 with the goal of creating an online publication dedicated to inspiring individuals to learn more about the earth's prehistoric past. The goal was and still is to tell the stories that for some reason or another have been overlooked or yet to be told. The prehistoric past is loaded with creatures that have never truly received the attention they so rightfully deserve. 


Since our inception, Prehistoric Magazine has always aimed to cover topics from the earth's prehistoric past. As we continue to grow as a publication, we also continue to introduce our readers to new and emerging writers in creature ficiton, up and coming paleo-artists, and offer a wonder platform for businesses and products that fall under the prehistoric category. 


Michael Esola is the current Editor-in-Chief to Prehistoric Magazine. Aside from running the day to day operations of the magazine, he also works as a novelist. Esola has been writing and publishing books for the past ten years. His works of fiction can best be described as creature novels, or "prehistoric thrillers" as he consistently refers to them as. The goal with each book is to simple, to literally create a movie on paper, with the ultimate being to see one of his books adapted into a feature length movie. The best way to keep up to date with his works of fiction is for subscribing to Prehistoric Magazine for free HERE. If you would like to check out his creature novels please do so HERE




Current subscribers to the magazine will notice an increased push on our end to publish an seek out great creature fiction. Short fiction or flash fiction has seen a surge as of late in the publishing industry. We will continue to seek out new and emerging authors currently writing in the creature/prehistoric fiction space.