Bick Downs returns home to San Francisco to discover an ancient species of predator is loose. He soon learns that something even more terrifying and sinister has been created. 

Bick Downs joins a team in Indonesia to investigate a boardwalk built high up in the rainforest canopy. They soon come to the horrifying realization that they are not alone. 

A group of researchers travels to the Arctic in search of a mysterious claw. When the ice shelf they are on breaks away from the mainland, trapping everything on it, they soon find out that something is stalking them one by one. 



Featured Articles

Each issue of Prehistoric Magazine will feature articles that build and serve to further flesh out the prehistoric world. It is these articles that make up the basis of our magazine. 



Each year the wind and the rain expose and bring more fossils and bone to the surface. With this comes the increased chance for discovery. It takes the right conditions mixed with luck for someone to stumble on a find. 


Michael Esola conceived the idea for Prehistoric Magazine back in the summer of 2013. The goal from the start was to create a publication in order to tell the stories of creatures and worlds long gone that have yet to be told.  By the summer of 2104, the first words and articles were being typed and fleshed out.

Esola currently serves as the Editor-in-Chief to Prehistoric Magazine where he oversees all aspects of its growth as both an online and physical publication. Aside from the magazine, he is also the bestselling author of HYBRID, PREHISTORIC, and THE ICE GORILLA. His books blend action and adventure with big cinematic concepts. Through his writing, readers are taken to far away places where the prehistoric past and the modern day world often collide. 

Prehistoric Magazine is currently released three times per year in the months of April, August, and December. The mission is and always will be to inspire individuals to learn more about the Earth's prehistoric past. 

Paleoartists & Paleontologists

Prehistoric Magazine will often spotlight and focus on various paleontologists and paleoartists within the industry. This is both to serve as a getting to know someone while also providing valuable tips and information for those seeking to choose such disciplines as a career.



We are currently a small online magazine and are unable to pay to accept artwork. We welcome artists to send us their work and if the art is chosen to be in the magazine, we will do everything in our power to promote the artist and their work.