Bick Downs and The Society of Cryptozoological Agents return home to San Francisco only to find that up north, in the sleepy farming town of Santa Rosa, something terrifying has been created. 


​​Fresh off the Indonesian expedition, Bick Downs learns that an ancient predator is running loose in San Francisco. The Society of Cryptozoological Agents attempts to capture the creature, only to learn that up north in the quiet town of Santa Rosa, California, something truly terrifying has been created. 


​​​A giant boardwalk has been resurrected high up in the Indonesian rainforest canopy, offering guests stunning views of the rainforest. However, the boardwalk is incomplete and in need of more funding. The creator, John Corstine, assembles a group of potential investors for a weekend tour. They soon realize they aren't  alone. 

A research expedition heads to the Arctic in search of a mysterious claw. The ice shelf that the team is on suddenly breaks away from the mainland, trapping them as the giant chunk of ice floats off into the unknown. Now aboard the huge island of ice, the team quickly learns that they are not alone and are being hunted.