​​PRIMAL PUBLISHING is a small indie publication dedicated to publishing prehistoric thriller books. We love a good monster tale and we also are big fans of books that we ultimately view would make for good movie adaptations as well. Our books feature teeth, claws, and plenty of people getting eaten. 




WE fully understand that book royalties are the lifeblood of all authors. Royalties are what allow authors to be compensated for their efforts and to move on to their next project. We believe in paying authors fairly and thus pay our Primal Publishing authors a 50% royalty on all net book sales. 


PREHISTORIC MAGAZINE merch is now officially for sale. From hoodies to t-shirts to coffee mugs, you can support our publication by purchasing some merchandise from our official store. Every sale helps to keep Prehistoric Magazine free.   

We are always on the lookout for a good novel. The type of books that we are looking for are specifically prehistoric thriller novels, books with teeth, claws, and people getting eaten. We love a good monster story. If you would like to submit a book to Primal Publishing for consideration, please read the following below.  


We love books that would make for great film adaptations. Books featuring huge sea creatures and monstrous Kaiju are what we enjoy to read as well as publish. If you feel you have such a manuscript, we would love to hear from you. 

Considering that we publish a magazine called Prehistoric Magazine three times per year, it should be no surprise that we crave prehistoric thriller books featuring dinosaurs. We love books featuring dinosaurs rampaging around and causing all sorts of chaos and destruction. 

We also enjoy books featuring military horror/sci-fi. We'd love to see your work if you have something in the vein of great classics of the past such as Predator and Aliens. These types of stories fit well within our readership base. 


* Prepare a synopsis that covers the major plot points, key themes, and major characters. 

​* Include the synopsis in a cover letter introducing yourself. 

* We are looking for books a minimum of 30k wordcount. 

* Please email us your manuscript in .docx. 

* Please email all book submissions to PrehistoricChannel@gmail.com.